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Rumours during October 1917

Tony Lund

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According to the Holmfirth Express there were strong rumours during October 1917 that the Government was about to announce that all men who had served overseas before 1st March 1915, and have two years or more active service, shall not be sent overseas again without a special a War Office instruction.

Do we know if anything came of this? If so did it last after March 1918?


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Under the Military Services (Review of Exceptions Act) 1917, which was published in Army Council Instruction 1105:

"...officers and men who had served overseas in the Armed Forces of the Crown and had left or been discharged in consequence of disablement or ill health should not be posted for service though legally liable..." (under the Act mentioned above)

I wonder if this is what the paper was speculating about?

Terry Reeves

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