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Remembered Today:

Visiting the Hindenburg Line

Dave T

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Going to the Hindenburg Line for a weekend soon, not been before and would welcome suggestions for particular places of interest to visit.



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There is little to see on the ground nowadays but the area between La Vacquiere and Flesquieres enables you to see the attack on 20th Novemeber 1917 (first day of Cambrai) in detail

Only problem may be that the crops (espcially the maize) has not yet been harvested which will limit certain of the views


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I'll be visting the same area in November, so if you find any interesting locations please let us know.

Have you tried the french yellow pages site?? Gives fantastic detailed arial photos.

Make sure you are using the La France Vues Ariennes, on the right hand menu on the french version of the site, it should open a new window.

All the best.


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