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List of canadians with Ballymena connections - again, may help those on other side of pond. In alpha order.

BANKHEAD, Frank John, 424544, Pirvate, 1 Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.), DOW October 29, 1916. Buried St. Catherine Cemetery, Pas De Calais. Born Pretoria, SA. 25-year-old son of Sam and Elizabeth, Ballymena. Comm. St. Patrick’s CoI.

BLEAKLEY, James Alexander, 624781, Private, 10 Canadian Inf. (Alberta Regt.), KIA April 28, 1917. Named on Vimy Memorial. Former Principal of Tardree and Cushybracken National Schools.

BOYLE, Daniel 829213, Private, 44 Canadian Inf. (New Brunswick Regt.).DOW October 29, 1917. Buried Nine Elms British Cemetery, Belgium. Aged 27, son of W.J. and Katherine Boyle, Drumcrow, Broughshane.

BRUCE, Robert, 124459, Private, 24 Btn. Canadians. Missing presumed killed September 18, 1916. Named Vimy Memorial. Lived at Duneane, Toomebridge.

CAMERON James (MM) 160496, Sgt. 50 Canadian Inf. Regt. Died of wounds June 5, 1917. Buried Barlin Communal Cemetery, France. Aged 25, son of James and Sarah of 52 Brookhill Avenue, Belfast, formerly of Ballymena.

CLARKE, James, Private, Canadians, KIA, Comm. 1st Ahoghill Pres. Church.???????

COCHRANE Thomas Hill, 59175, Lce. Cpl. 21 Btn.E.Ontario regt. KIA November 11, 1915. Buried Ridge Wood Military Cemetery, Belgium. Son of John and Margaret Cochrane, Craigs, Cullybackey. Brother of John above. Brother Hugh was Lt. in Canadian forces.

CRAIG John, Private Canadians, KIA, Killybeg, Comm. 1st Ahoghill Pres. Church ??????

CRAIG, Robert, C, Private Borden’c Motor MG Btn. Canadians, KIA by shellfire 27 September 1916. Service No. 114556. Born Gracehill, mother Elizabeth Craig, Gracehill, Ballymena. Comm. Vimy Memorial.

CRAWFORD, Thomas, Private, 15 Canadian Inf. (Central Ontario Regt.). KIA 2/9/1918. Aged 34. Son of Thomas and Agnes Crawford, Tullymore, Broughshane. Buried Dominion Cemetery, Hendecourt-Les-Cagnicourt, France. Comm. 2nd

Broughshane Pres. Church.

CUPPLES, David Private. 31 Btn. Canadian Inf. (Alberta Regt.) KIA 11/10/1918. Service no. 2138287. Aged 25, so of David Cupples, Kells.Buried Queant Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais. Comm. Kells Pres. Church.

DAVIS, John Cpl. 1st (Depot) Btn. Canadian Inf. (Manitoba Regt.) Died in service 30/7/1918. Aged 27, son of Archibald and late Margaret Ann, Ballynulto, Broughshane. Buried Winnipeg Cemetery, Manitoba.

DUNCAN, Andrew Warwick MC, Lt. 38 Btn. Canadian Inf. (East Ontario Regt.) KIA 9/4/1917. Aged 25 son of Archibald and Margaret, Carnearney, Kells. Buried Villers Station Cemetery, Viller Au Bois, Pas de Calais. Comm. Connor Pres. Church.

FINLAY Samuel Hanna Private Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) 8th Bn. Killed by shellfire 15/02/1918. Service No: 829240 Son of Mrs. Mary J.

Finlay, of 142, Queen St., Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Buried A. 2. Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery extension. Comm. Wellington Street Pres.


FRANCEY, George, Private, Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regt.) 14th Bn. KIA between 12/06/1916 and 13/06/1916.Service No: 404342; Aged 25, formerly of Kells, son of John Francey. Buried Bedford House Cemetery and comm. Connor Pre. Church.

FULTON W A Private Canadian Infantry (Quebec Regt.) 42nd Bn. Died of wounds in accidental rifle discharge. 4/2/1917. Service No: 418938 . Mother at Casement Street, Ballymena. Buried Ecoivres Military Cemetery, France. Comm. Harryville Pres. Church.

GORDON William Private 4th Can. Inf. (Central Ontario) Regt. KIA 3/5/1917. Service no. 862164. Son of Smyth/Nancy Gordon, Killybegs, Slatt, Ballymena. Comm. Vimy memorial.

GORDON Robert Cpl. 1st Can. Inf. (Western Ontario) Regt. Reported missing Givenchy 15/6/1915 (believed killed). Service no. 6218. Aged 24, son of Wilson and Agnes, Straid, Gracehill. Comm. Vimy Memorial and Ahoghill Cof I.

GORDON James, Private, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.) 15th Bn.. Died 02/03/1917 Service No: 799154. Aged 23, son of William and Martha Gordon, of Ballymarlow, Ballymena, Buried Fosse No. 10 Communal Cemetery, Pas De Calais.Comm. 1st Ballymena Pres. Church.

GORDON, Charles, Private, Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regt.) 4th Bn.; Died 8th October 1916 Service No: 11232. Aged 23, son of William and Martha Gordon, of Ballymarlow. Ballymena, Comm. Vimy Memorial and 1st Ballymena Pres. Church.

GREGG, Charles Gunner Canadian Field Artillery 2nd Div. Ammunition Col. (32) 1st January 1917. Service No: 476832. Aged 32, Son of John and Rose Gregg, of Ballymena, Ireland. Buried Barlin Mil. Cemetery, France.

HOLMES, A Private MM, 16th Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regt.) KIA 30th April 1917. Service No: A/21026. Second son of David and Jane Holmes, Hugomont Villas, Ballymena. Buried Orchard Dump Cemetery, Vimy Ridge. Comm. Ballymena New Cemetery.

IRVINE Robert McCartney, Pte. Canadians. Service no. 190204. Son of Sam of Hillmount.????

KEENAN William Pte. 58th Can. Inf. (Central Ontario) KIA 28th August 1918. Service no. 250142. Aged 22. Formerly of Cullybackey. Son of James and Annie Keenan of 27 Robina Street, Toronto. Comm. Vimy Memorial.

KERR Henry Pte. 58th Can. Inf. (Central Ontario). KIA 20th September 1916. Service no. 452004. Son of Henry Kerr, Craigs, Cullybackey. Buried Courcelette British Cemetery, France. Comm. Cuningham Memorial Pres. Church.

LAVERTY Alexander Private 38th Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.)

Died of wounds 22nd December 1916.Service No: 410343. Son of Arthur Laverty of Hillmount, Culybackey. Buried St. sever Cem. Rouen. Comm. Cuningham Memorial.

MAYBIN Richard Pte. 1 Can. Mounted Rifles Died 2nd June 1916. Service no. 106392. Aged 21, son of Margaret Maybin, Lisnamurrican, Broughshane. Comm. Menin Gate and 1st Broughshane Pres. Church.

McCOSH Samuel James Pte. 46th Can Inf. (Saskatchewan Regt) KIA 2nd September 1918. Service no. 781211. Aged 30, son of David and Lydia McCosh, Knockboy, Broughshane. Buried Dury Crucifix Cem. France.

McFADDEN Samuel Pte. 1st Can. Inf. (Western Ontario regt) Died of wounds 4th April 1917. Service no 772240. Aged 25, son of William and Nancy McFadden, 27 Herbert Street Larne. Lived at James Street, Ballymena before emigration. Buried Ecoivres Mil. Cem./ France (see below)

McILVENNA, William Pte. Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regt.) 50th Bn. KIA 3rd June 1917. Service No: 809001. Aged 31, Son of William and Rose McIlvenna, of Cloughogue, Gracehill, Ballymena. Buried La Chaudiere Mil. Cem.

McILVENNAN, William Pte, Canadian Infantry, 34th Bn. (Alberta Regt.) Died of wounds 9th August . Service No: 238211. Son of William and Mary McIlvennan, of 27, Mount St., Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Buried Villiers Bretonneaux Mil. Cem.

McNEICE Archibald Sgt. 10th Can. Inf. (Alberta Regt.) RAMC. Died of wounds at no. 47 CCS 10th November 1917. Aged 27, son of Archie and Agnes McNeice of 21 Queen Street, Ballymena. Buried Dozinghem Mil. Cemetery, Belgium. Comm. Wellington Street Pres. Church.

McNEICE Robert John Pte. 8th Manitoba Regt. (Transport) CEF. KIA 26th September 1916. Service no. 461500. Lived Winnipeg, sonof Mrs. Sam McNiece of 5 Toome Road, Ballymena. Comm. Vimy Memorial and Wellington Street Pres. Church.

McNEICE Samuel Pte. 79th Btn. Can. Inf. Died 28th June 1919 after two years’ illness at sister’s house. Service no. 150166. Sister of Ellen Barr, Antrim Road, Ballymena. Son of Margaret, Toome Road. Comm. on UK War memorial 1914-18 Brockwood.

NELSON Joseph Henry Pte. 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Central Ontario regt.) Died 23rd April 1917. Service no 201688/201868. Aged 30, emigrated 1913, lived Toronto. Son of Joseph and Sarah Nelson of Kildrum. Shanbridge, Ballymena. Comm. Vimy memorial.

PENNY (Pennie) William Pte. 19th Can. Inf. (Central Ontario Regt) KIA 8th September 1916. Service no. 460819. Aged 28, son of James and Martha Pennie, Ballygarvey, Ballymena. Buried Warloy-Baillon Comm. cem. Ext. France. Comm. Ballymena New Cemetery.

RUTHERFORD T. George Lt. 10th Can. Inf. Died of wounds 12th October 1916. Aged 36, son of the Rev. Thomas and Margaret Rutherford of Hollywood, Co. Down. Wife Margart at Vancouver Island. Buried Etaples Mil. Cem. France. Comm. Ballymena New Cemetery and War Memorial????

SCOTT Robert Henry Pte. 28th Can. Inf. (Saskatchewan Regt) KIA 15th September 1916. Service no, 74281. Aged 42, born Ballymena. Father was the late William, brother J.B. Scott was headmaster of Model School, Ballymena. Comm. Vimy Memorial.

SMALL Robert Pte. 14th Can. Inf. (Quebec Regt.) Died in accident at Ballymena Railway Station 23rd December 1918. Service no. 308225. Aged 24, son of Sam Small of Ballyminstra, Straid, Ahoghill. Buried 2nd Ahoghill Pres. Churchyard.

SMYTH (Smith?) Frederick Robert Pte. 28th Can. Inf. (Saskatchewan Regt) KIA 28th September 1916. Service no. 74122. Aged 30, sonof Robert Smith, Portrush. father buried Kirkinriola Cem. and deceased named on stone.

WATT William Pte. 13th Btn Canadian Inf. (Quebec Regt.) Service no 25010. Died as a POW 12/5/1915. Aged 20, son of Mrs. W. Watt, Frosses, Ballymena. Buried Miederzwehren Cem. Germany. Comm. Clough Pres. Church.

WILSON Robert Pte. 20th Can. Inf. Regt. Died 5/4/1916. Service no. 58104. Aged 35. Son of Samuel and Eliza Kennedy Wilson, Main Street, Cullybackey. Buried Lijssenthoek Mil. Cem. Belgium. Comm. Cuningham Mem. Pres. Church.

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This isn't going to be much help, but I took a look through the Canadian Bank of Commerce Memorial book and couldn't find any of these men.

The citation for the MC for AW Duncan is here.

There are 20+ entries in the Canadian Great War Project database for Ballymena, some not on your list. If you go to the general search and put in Ballymena as the criteria you might find some men that survived the war that might be there.

There are just over 100 that pop up if you use "Antrim" as the search keyword.

Hope this is of some help


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