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Remembered Today:

Can anyone decipher these for me?

P. Morrow

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I have found these three medal cards, which I believe are for my grandfather, Cudworth G. A. (I trust you can open the attachements).

These have different regiment numbers, although I believe they are all for him. Can anyone explain the following questions for me. Please forgive me if I am asking extremely basic questions.

Card 1: TFE; what do the extra figures on the date line mean?

Card 2: Why is there a different regiment number on this card?

What are the three medals?

What does the writing next to each medal entry mean?

Can you decipher the writing in the remarks column?

What does the number before France mean in the theatre row?

Card 3: The date of gazette says "6 7". I don't suppose this means anything to anyone, does it? I notice on

the TFE medal card that it has something like "a o 67" written next to the date of gazette. Is this

coincidence or relevant?

I appreciate the help

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PS your MiC didnt load,try converting the image to JPG.so what follows is conjecture based upon what you have stated.

The references following the TFE are the file references I suspect.

If there are more than one Regt Number it suggests an earlier 3 figure number 674 replaced on TF renumbering by the 6 Figure number.417022

The references following each Medal title are the Medal Roll Page references{can be used to obtain the Roll Pages {copies} from the NA}not online.

The number {1?}before France is the code for France,each theatre of war had a number

With regard to date of Gazette in reference to MM it is the number of the Gazette;[ie #67];the TFEM entry A/O 67 refers to Army Order 67 when the TEFM would have been announced in Army Order 67 of that date,a coinicidence.

He was awarded the MM.{This should have a LG date on it}

MM:~ LG 19th August 1919{20th August} Page 10581,Edn31512.

"417022 Sgt Cudworth,G.A. 1st Field Ambulance RAMC {Derby}

From your posting the Medals would probably be the Military Medal;British War Medal,Victory Medal,[possibly also a 1914 or 1914~15 Star,& the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal for 12 Years Attendance @ Training & Camps etc,as required to qualify{Though embodied war service was allowed to count "double"}

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If it helps here we have the MICs.


Looks like he went with the 1st North Midland RAMC when they moved with the 46th Div to France in Feb 1916 (I assume its 2.15 and not 12.15). And then his number changed in line with the renumbering of the TF in 1917 (?)

Won the MM (brave man) and Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.

Would be interesting to find out what Brigade he served with in 46th Div


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His number is in the right range for the 1st North Midland Field Ambulance.

417001-419000 1st North Midland Field Ambulance (Derby)

419001-421000 2nd North Midland Field Ambulance (Leicester)

421001-423000 3rd North Midland Field Ambulance (Stafford)

It may be simplistic (and wrong) but I suspect that the FAs may have been allocated to their "home" brigade.

137th Brigade (Staffordshire) - 3rd NMFA

138th Brigade (Lincoln and Leicester) - 2nd NMFA

139th Brigade (Notts. & Derby) - 1st NMFA

Then again, I know that in certain battles FA were allocated to other Brigades within Divisions...


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I have it the other way around

137th Brigade (Staffordshire) - 1st NMFA

138th Brigade (Lincoln and Leicester) - 2nd NMFA

139th Brigade (Sherwood Forester) - 3rd NMFA



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I'm a bit confused now :unsure:

To me its logical that the Derby NMFA served with the 139th Sherwood Brigade and so forth.

Is the numbering reversed on the article?

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:) Oops, were all confused now.

When I saw the post I looked at my database then when I went to post I noticed that Steve had posted first but our info was reversed and wondered if my database was wrong.

I've had a chance now to look it up in the History of The Great War, Order of Battle of Divisions, compiled by Major A. F. Becke and that places it in the same order that I posted above. I didn't look at the article and wouldn't want to comment as I am not very knowledgable on who logically would serve with who :(


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