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trying to trace James H Henshall who would have been 32 in 1914

CWGC lists 2 possibles no ages

1 James Henshall private Cheshire Reg 1st Bn died 22/10/14 service no 7491

2 J Henshall private Manchester Reg 2nd Bn died 17/7/17 sevice no 203284

James H Henshall lived in Warrington

Could anyone help by looking up entry in SDGW please? Or is there any other source?

Thanks for any help

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J Henshall from the Manchester Regiment was called John.

James Henshall, Cheshirer Regiment was born in Holmes Chapel, Sandbach, Cheshire and enlisted in Sandbach. He was killed in action. The residence section is blank so there is still a possibility that this is your man.


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Do you know for certain that he was actually killed in the war? If so, what's the source of your information?

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When Soldiers Died does not give a place of residence we are told to assume it is the same as the place of enlistment.

In the case of pre-war regulars and reservists many years could have passed between the date they enlisted and the war, so even if it gives a place of residence it can be many years out of date.

According to Soldiers Died the first man from Huddersfield to be killed in the war lived at Halifax, when he actually lived at the bottom of my street, I pass his house nearly every day.


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Many thanks for your prompt replies

No I don`t know for sure that he was killed in the war just a possibility

As far as I know there is no connection with Holmes Chapel I think he was born in Manchester or Wilmslow

thanks again

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