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PoW attempted escapee


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Here’s a puzzle. The following is an extract from a letter sent by my grandfather from PoW Camp, Beeskow on 22 Oct 1918 to his parents in Birkenhead. The handwriting is rather poor as g’fthr had been wounded during his capture.


The relevant passage reads

An officer has recently arrived from a camp where Martin xxxxx is held. He has a great opinion of Martin's siliness & says he is 'quite mad' in the 'daft' sense. He Martin got away for several days from prison but unfortunately was recaptured, it was a very stout effort. His folks may be interested to know from an outside source.

I can’t quite read the name of the PoW / escapee; it looks like Martin but his surname could be Hume, Stone, Stune, Flume etc etc etc, (I’m not entirely certain that ‘siliness’ is correct either.

Can anyone read it or even identify him. My grandfather was an officer but the chap may not necessarily have been, he was clearly known to the family but that could be Birkenhead vicinity or Kirkcudbrightshire (where they came from and maintained close links).

I’ve explored all sorts of avenues to try and identify this man but with no luck so far. If anyone had any ideas I’d be very grateful.

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