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Rnvr service records


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Have located the service records from the adm 337 series to RNVR casualty z/5629 london div. Henry Ernest Lewis Jones died 6th may 1917, cwgc states ss feltria, the family say hms lavender.

no mention of feltria on service records but states presidentIII. ?????????

Are there any other service records kept anywhere have a vague memory of someone stating some kept at the fleet air arm museum ?? any help with the mystery

only 17 when died, tragic story

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Hi Wulsten.With President III on his service record sounds like he served on Defensively Armed Merchant Ships (DAMS).If this is the case his service record will be kept at the pro.You may find the difference in the vessels is the HMS will be the naval accounting base and the S.S. is the D.A.M.S. he lost his life on.I agree a tragic story.Regards Bob.

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Details of the two ships referred to

Feltria, 5,254grt, defensively-armed, 5 May 1917, 8 miles SE from Mine Head, torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine, 45 lives lost including Master

(see http://www.worldwar1atsea.net/WW1oMSLosses1917.htm)

LAVENDER, [ACACIA class Fleet Sweeping Sloop - 1,200t, 16 knots, 2-12pdr/2-3pdr, 90 crew]

5th May 1917, North Atlantic, 22 miles SW of Waterford harbour, SE Ireland - torpedoed by German coastal minelayer "UC.75". One source give the date as the 4th May, others locate her loss in the English Channel; crew of 90; casualties not known

(see http://www.worldwar1atsea.net/WW1NavyBritishEscorts.htm)

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