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Remembered Today:

Apologies for delay


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:( TERESA, We visited Ypres Reservouir cemetry and got you 'photos of the cemetry and of the grave of Silas Bailey, unfortunately the weather wasn't to kind and my computer at work isn't doing them justice so please bare with me and I will get my better half to do them on the computer at home which has a 'photo package on it.

MAT, the same applies, got the cemetry and and 'photo of George Henry Cox's grave at the Strand Mil Cem., will try to get them posted by the week end.

GARY SAMSON, again got the 'photo's of skindles at Maidenhead they have come out quite good and will post them ASAP

Again, sorry and we haven't forgot just want to do the best job that we can

Mick and Tina ;)

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