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NZEF Service Numbers


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I saw a post last weekend with a formula of how these service numbers worked as regard to specific areas of the country. I thought I had saved that post for further reference but can not find it or the original post again. Can someone please explain again the numbering routine for the NZEF i.e. 24/.......... 11/.........8/......... etc.

Cheers, Diane

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List according to Digger History, who in turn apparently nabbed it from the Journal of the NZ Military Historical Sty. Inc. March 1984.

I/ Samoan Advance.

2/ Artillery.

3/ New Zealand Medical Corps.

4/ Engineers.

5/ Army Service Corps.

6/ Canterbury Infantry.

7/ Canterbury Mounted Rifles.

8/ Otago Infantry.

9/ Otago Mounted Rifles.

10/ Wellington Infantry.

11/ Wellington Mounted Rifles.

12/ Auckland Infantry.

13/ Auckland Mounted Rifles.

14/ Army Service Corps Divisional Train.

15/ Headquarters.

16/ Maori Infantry.

17/ Veterinary Corps.

18/ Chaplains Department.

19/ Samoan Relief Infantry.

20/ Samoan Relief Mounted.

21/ Pay Department.

22/ Nursing Service.

23/ 1st Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.

24/ 2nd Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.

25/ 3rd Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.

26/ 4th Battalion, N.Z. Rifle Brigade.

After the tenth reinforcements (or was it from the tenth reinforcements onwards?), they dropped the prefixes and numbered numerically as you enlisted no matter what force you enlisted with, so you can't tell the battalion from the service number.


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