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Remembered Today:

SWB Refusal List


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Came across this on a MIC

"SWB Refusal List 63"

Has anyone seen a reference like this before? Wondering if there are still refusal lists in existence.


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Yes, I have a MIC which refers to 'Refusal List 27' - anyone got an idea as to reason?



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Hello Des & GIlbert

The qualifying criterion for the SWB was discharge by reason of wounds or sickness caused by service.

There were undoubtedly men who were discharged because of a pre-existing medical condition. Somebody recently posted an example of a distant relative who enlisted with only seven fingers and then was subsequently discharged when it was noticed!

Any servicemen confined in an asylum for reasons of 'insanity' were excluded but could be reconsidered upon their discharge.

Have a look at Tom Tulloch's site and interesting commentary:




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