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Remembered Today:

HOOD Bn. Michael Stephens

Ken Devitt

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I'm doing a bit of research on this man and would very much appreciate any information about him.

All I have so far is:

Michael Stephens k/21670 Hood Bn. R.N. Div. Royal Navy

Died age 19 on 8 May 1915

Born Ozier Bank Terrace, Waterford

Buried Lancashire Landing Cemetery.



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Name Stephens, Michael

Service Number(s): DEV/K/21670

Rank or Rating: 2nd Stoker

Place of Birth: Waterford

Date 15 November 1895

His RND service cards are online, he started in the Navy, 1913 so his service register is there too. His 1914 Star was sent to his mother, no clasp was claimed, the Navy does not appear to have issued them automatically.

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The foll is from Len Sellers' book 'The Hood Battalion'

"At dawn on 8 May another advance was attempted, but the French on the left of the line were unable to move forward. During the attack the courageous Anzac troops lost one third of their 3,000 men. But at 6pm the French surged forward along the Kereves Spur, having some success until the Turks started bombing them with high-explosive shells. They tried once more, and captured a strongpoint later known as the Bouchet Redoubt. Hood and Hawke Battalions advanced behind the French in support until 7pm, when all units on the front were ordered to dig in. The second battle of Krithia had been fought to a standstill."



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Many thanks for the help,

I'm slightly confused about the Hood Bn. as I've read an account which states, The Hood Bn. landed on "V" Beach on 28 April and goes on: 6 May attacked Achi Baba with heavy casualties including Lt. Col. Quilter.

Is this information correct?


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Foll notes from Len Sellers' history of the Hood Battalion

night of 24th/25th April 1915; diversion off Bulair

10pm Thursday, 29th April landed at 'W' Beach

30th April; in position in support of 29th Division

1st/2nd May; advanced, but then forced to retire on evening of 2nd May

4th May; at 6 pm took over French trench line running across Achi Baba Nullah

II Battle of Krithia

6th May; at 11 am Gen Paris' Composite Division [part of the RND, plus two brigades of Anzacs] advanced with French on right and 29th Div on left

Hood's line took them up the Achi Baba Nullah

occupied the White House at 1000 yds forward, with a company or more getting 300/400 yds further on

Col Quilter was killed quite early in the advance

3.30 pm Hood's advance ordered stopped as others could not keep up

4.30 pm all advance stopped

7th May; Advance commenced again, but failed again at 3 pm

8th May; see the quote in my post above

You should be able to get Len's book from your library; you will not find a better source for info on this battalion



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