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1901 census record look up please

Aaron Nelson

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Hi Pals,

As some of you may know I am researching my family at war, as you can see by my signature I have found quite a number of direct relatives who served. Well, I have one more line of the family to check. So some assitance with this would be great.

Can anyone tell me if this family is in Census of 1901.

Father Samuel Wright

Mother Harriet Wright

Daughter Florence Maud Wright ( she would have been approx 10 - 12 in 1901)

Were there any more members to this family, namel a son born in the 1890s, I can then check to see if that son served in the first world war. If so, That means with a lot of peoples help I have located 11 relatives who served in the first world war.

Also, Ceebee, thanks so much for your info in this project, as always, your a star.

cheers Aaron.

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Is this the family you are looking for?

69 St Clement Place Aston Birmingham

Samuel Wright 32 Paper Cutter Born Derby

Harriet Wright Wife 35 Born Derby

Stephen Wright 12 " "

Samuel Wright 9 ""

Albert Wright 5

Maud Wright 3 Born Birmingham

Miss Thomas 22 Boarder occupation Dressmaker, Born Stafford

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I would love to say yes !!!

However, according to a family birth certificate which I have a copy, my Florence Maud Wright was 21 in 1912, that puts her born 1891, perhaps its a typo though on her age ???

I can t quite make out the town on the birth certificate, but it apperas to say place of birth for FLorence Maud is Allgrove, England.....whereever that is ??

Thanks for the info, I will follow through on that lead, Its tantilising close to my family.

Thanks Allan.

regards Aaron.

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The Samuel/Harriet Wright family Alan's given is the only one that Ancestry index finds. And Maud is definitely recorded as 3 years old. Can't find a Florence with Samuel/Harriet parents - maybe one of the parents was away on census night 1901??

Can't find an Allgrove, but there is an ALLGREAVE in Cheshire. Any chance of a scan of the birth cert? - another pair of eyes might see it differently :) .


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The 1891 census has a Samuel Wright (34) married to Harriet (39), living in Church Coppenhall, Cheshire.

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Thanks all for your reponses.

Will try another avenue, and also will try to get more infor on the family.

Your responses are much appreciated.


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