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Officers and men going on leave

Guest KevinEndon

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Guest KevinEndon

I found this and thought it may be of interest to some.


1. Rifles will be taken but no ammunition. This is to be left with unit.

2. It is strictly forbidden to take on leave any of the following:-

Bombs, Shells, Shell Cases.

Trophies captured from the Enemy (with the exception of German helmets, caps, badges, numerals, and buttons).

Uncensored Letters.

No bottles of liquor are to be taken on the train or boat either going on or returning from leave.

If any of the above articles are found to be in possession of men, their leave will be cancelled and they will be sent back to their units.

A written report of any infringement of this order will be made by the Base Commandant through G.O.C.L. ,of C Area.

3. Combined warrants and tickets to destination and return must be obtained from the Unit before departure. The station of destination, not merely the Country, must be inserted on the warrant.

4. Men will be collected into parties by Divisions at Railheads under officers detailed for the duty. The Senior Officer will be in command of the party, and be responsible that the men entrain together and are marched on board the ship and keep together whilst on board, and are marched off and entrain together at port of arrival, and the same procedure will be adopted for the return journey, the same officer collecting his men together at Folkestone or Southampton. While proceeding to and returning from the English Port these officers will be on duty. Thier leave will coincide with that of the men placed in their charge. The men will be expected to assist by rejoining their proper parties as quickly as possible.

5. Pay for the period of leave will be drawn before leaving the Unit or from the Divisional Railhead Disbursing Officer.

French money will be exchanged at Victoria Station or Waterloo, NOT at Port of Departure.

6. Any delay on the journey should be vouched for by the following who will endorse the pass:-

From the unit to home.

(a) Delay between Unit and Embarkation by M.L.O. or O.C. Rest Camps.

(B) Delay on Sea Voyage by Embarkation Officer at Port of Arrival.

From Home to Unit

(a) Delay on railways in Great Britain by R.T.O. at the station at which that part of the journey is completed where the delay occured.

(B) Delay on Sea Voyage by M.L.O. or O.C. Rest Camps at Port of Disembarkation.

© Delay at Rest Camps by O.C. Rest Camp who will stamp the Return Tickets to this effect.

(d) Delay during journey from Port of Disembarkation to Unit by D.A.D.R.T. or R.T.O.'s.

No one else is authorised to grant extentions of leave on account of delay.

7. Officers and men are reminded that it is their duty to give no information of a military nature to anyone whilst they are on leavin in England. Information which is widely known in England soon reaches the enemy, and the success of Military operations may be endangered thereby. Non-observance of the above will lead to cancellation of any present leave granted to the offender and the stoppage of all future leave.

8. A copy of these rules will be given to each man with his leave form.

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Shame, couldnt take any medals you "found"

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In addition to the original post I have a Leave Ticket issued to my grandfather from HMS Venerable in 1918. It is in good condition and I'd be happy to post an image of the front should anyone want to see it. On the rear it reads:


If you are taken ill while on leave, you are to report your illness (1) to your own ship, (2) to the nearest ship, or Officer of the Coast Guard, or Recruiting Officer. If you are too ill to travel, you are to forward to the Commanding Officer of your Ship at once, and also every week during your illness, a certificate from a qualified medical practicioner specifying the nature of your disease, and stating explicitly that you are unfit to travel. The Admiralty will not pay the bills of doctors called in by yourself or by your friends; but an allowance to cover board, lodging and medical attendance may be granted, there will be sufficient time for you to be told so, and get back to the ship, bringing with you a final medical certificate showing the date on which you became fit to travel. If you want an extension of leave, take care to write and ask for it so early that, in case it cannot be granted, there will be sufficient time for you to be told so, and get back to the ship before the expiration your leave. If you do not recieve an answer in such time, you are bound to return at once.

It then goes on to mention rules for return railway warrants

Mundane to some but a cherished item to me.


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PP - what a fascinating list, I've already found a couple of points which I know were disregarded.

However, I'd be very interested in the date and the source or reference for these instructions.

thanks Julian

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The 'Instructions for Officers and men proceeding on leave' is Army Form W. 3337. The earliest example of this I have seen is dated 1/16 and the latest is 6/18.

Chris Henschke

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