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My man is Pte David Dalziel (Dalzil in military and CWGC records) who was KIA with the LF's 2nd battalion on 2 May 1915.

The notes I have for the day say that the History records that a Pte Bertenshaw manned his machine gun even though he had no protection against the on-coming gas. He continued to fire until he collapsed.

My notes then say that he died in hospital the next day and that he was awarded a posthumous VC. But I can't find his name amongst VC recipients.

Could someone with the Regimental History, please check the relevent page and confirm for me what it says. My note-taking isnt usually this off-beam.



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John, the history says Burtenshaw & Cpl Channer took their MG into action a short distance to the left of Lynn. Channer`s gun was later sent back to an earlier position, so it looks like both survived. You may have got him confused with Lynn who, of course, was awarded a posthumous VC. Phil B

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can I do a slight hi-jack and ask if there is anything in the history about the 18th on the 30th July 1916?

Ta ;)


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Heavily shelled on 24/25th July, then 27th - 31st Minden Post, Carnoy, but no further mention of action. !st Aug, at rest in Happy Valley near Bray sur Somme.

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