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Remembered Today:

NZers in WW1


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I'm pleased to the forum now has a relatively strong NZ contingent, which will help people researching soldiers from this nation. This can only be good. However, while much of the information given in threads has been interesting and informative, a large proportion has been quite misleading and some of it wrong, even. I would encourage Pals to double check all information they are given, which has always been with the best of intentions.

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There is a point here, but not one that I think is of particular importance.

I assume that contributors are, essentially, expressing their opinions. These opinions are based, I guess, mostly on other peoples published works. Some, but I guess again not many, on original documents. I am not greatly interested in the detail about individuals, although it is obvious that many members are. As one's knowledge of events in the Great War increases so one is better able to judge the value of others efforts. The old adage of pots and kettles should not be forgotten.

Old Tom

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