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Can anyone identify this HMS Dolphin sailor?


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Hi, this photo is an interesting trio. Seated is Private Robert Edward Cruickshank, London Scottish, who in 1918 would earn the VC - if interested in him, please see Cruickshank VC. In the middle, in a Special Constable's uniform is his younger brother, Percy Conrad Cruickshank, who would be killed in 1917 on the Western Front. From these two, we can date this photo to late 1915/early 1916.

The third person, in the HMS Dolphin uniform is unknown. He appears to have a medal ribbon - can anyone identify this? He obviously is close to the family, but there was no other brother - the only possible, if he is a relative, could be a half-brother or potentially a cousin. He has quite a young-looking face, but his hands show him to be perhaps somewhat older!

Is it possible to trace ratings who served at HMS Dolphin?

Thanks for ideas - if anyone needs a higher resolution photo, just send me a mail.




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Just a little to add courtesy of assistance from the Submarine museum!

Medal is believed to be the Distinguished Service Medal

Trade could be Stoker - which would account for "young head, old hands"!

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The sailor was not necessarily a submariner, although initial submarine training was conducted at Dolphin and it was a submarine base.

Submariners wore "HM Submarines" on their tallies, not the name of the depot ship/establishment.

He was likely ship's complement for Dolphin.

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