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Any thoughts on this man?

Adam Shaw

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In a box of old family photos, mainly of naval origin, I came across a few showing the same young man who I am unabke to identify although the fact that there are several suggests some connection. I posted one which showed him standing beside an RFC chap ( our family had no known connection with the RFC) and a couple of responses prompted me to expand a little and try here. The young man has the cap tally HMS Algerine and is a telegraphist (thanks to Joseph on the other board for that info). The second photo shows him with the cap tally of HMS Brazil Brasby ( the seated man has the tally of HMS Albion and is also a telegraphist. The date on the rear of the Brazil Brasby / Albion photo is 03.11.1918 and on closer inspection ( I dont know how I havent seen this before) there is a faded name which looks like Ian or Jim Granton or Grantor neither of which are names I recognise.The seated man has one stripe on the forearm (cropped view shown here). A response on the other board suggested that there was no trace of HMS Brazil Brasby but I believe it was a Navy Trawler and have added another photo on the rear of which is written HMS Brazil Brasby. Any thoughts Pals?




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Hello Alickie

HMS BRAZIL BRASBY Admiralty Requisitioned Trawler of the Strath Class Admiralty No. 3631

Armament 1x12pdr, 1x3.5 inch Bomb Thrower (A/S Howitzer)

Built 1917 at Aberdeen by Hall Russel. Fitted with listening Hydrophones.

1919 Sold to mercantile and renamed TYRWHITT. Aquired by LC Cockrell.

Regards John

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Spithead beat me to it on Brazil Braseby. HMS Algerine was in harbour service at Vancouver ( Esquimalt ) from 1915, she was an Old Type Sloop of 1895 of 1050 tons armed with 6 x 4 inch and 4 x 3 pounders.



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Thanks all, good information as always. With rgeard to the photo on the right....bearing in mind that "HMS Brasil Brazby" is written on the rear, does anyone think that the ship in the photo could have been on Naval Service? The men in the photo don't appear to be uniformed.


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If the BRAZIL BRASBY was, as spithead has posted, requisitioned by the Admiralty then she she certainly served in Naval Service as HMS.

The description given seems to indicate that she was employed as an anti-submarine vessel (bomb thrower and hydrophones)

The picture of the crew in civilian clothes would appear to indicate that they were not RN personnel. However, if you feel confident that your man (right in 2nd pic) served on this ship then it could have been operating as a Special Service vessel ('Q' or decoy ship) with a RN or mixed crew.

Best wishes


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Intersting thought David. There is no doubt that this young man served on HMS Brazil Brasby - although the middle picture above isn't too clear as posted, the original shows th3 clearlt legible cap tally of that ship. Assuming her role was as a Navy Trawler or Q ship, how much of a crew would she be expected to have had i.e would the crew size tie in with the numbers (plus the photographer) shown in the picture on the right?

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The Admiralty Trawlers where named after personnel who served at Trafalgar and Brasil Brasby did, I dont have Colledge Vol II was it Requisitioned or Built to serve, the Straths where ordered by the admiralty.

Regards Charles

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Strath Trawler Compliment

Vessels Fitted with W/T

1. Commissioned Officer

2. W/T Operator

3. 2 Second Hands

4. 1 Leading Deck Hand

5. 8 Deck Hands

6. 2 Enginemen

7. 2 Trimmers

8. 1 Signalman

Total 18

Regards Charles

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J.J. Colledge Vol.2 gives the following,- BRAZIL BRASBY Tr. 'Strath' type. Hall Russel 31.10.1917

Sold 17.5.19, renamed TYRWHITT.

There were 24 Non-Standard Straths which were taken up into the Class but Brazil Brasby was not

one of them, so you were right Charles it was Built to Serve. The wording 'Strath' type in Colledges

misled me into thinking it was requisititioned.

(Jason Brazil Brasby served on Victory at Trafalgar as a Quarter Gunner Jnr. PO. age 38, but never

lived to recieve the Naval General Service Medal.)



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