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Red Cross Medal


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Is there anyway to find who a red cross medal belonged to? To my knowledge it is not engraved (well, i cant see a name on it) The box says J R Gaunt - London on the inside.

The medal came with two red cross stamps that someone has written april 9-12 1918 on. any help?




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Guest KevinEndon

As far as I can remember Steph every one is as much as much with no identification to the owner on the medal or on the box, sorry to say.

Some were engraved at the owners expense but very few.

One good thing is the medal you have looks in fine condition and the box looks in brilliant condition as well.

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Sadly Steph no,unless it has a Family connection,This Commemorative Medal was awarded by the BRCS to its Members & Nurse for service in the Great War @ home or overseas{where they would have also received the Official British Campaign Medal{s}It was "unofficial" ie: it could not be worn with Medals & Decorations awarded by the Crown,but would have been worn with other Red Cross Proficiency & Service Medals @ BRCS Functions & occasions.

Do you know if any of your Relatives were Red Cross Members or did you accquire the medal elsewhere?

Welcome back from your Sabbatical!

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For what it's worth

The British Red Cross War Medal was instituted in 1920 for Members of the British Red Cross Society or its Voluntary Aid Detachments who served in the United Kingdon during the period 4 August 1914 to 31 December 1919 and were therefore not eligible for British military medals, and whose unpaid service amounted to not less than 1000 hours, as well as for ambulance drivers and bearers who gave 500 hours unpaid service

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