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36th Brigade RFA Aug-Nov1914


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I have copies of Brigade diaries and some Battery diaries for XXXVIth Brigade RFA for Aug-Nov 1914 and can check info for anyone interested - not much personal information but some casualties named. I also have the 1914 Star Roll for the Brigade listing Regulars of 1914 and can check details.


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I'm hoping that this thread is still available as it is rather old now - but here's hoping.

Im Looking for information on my Grandfather Robert Liddle Allinson who belonged to the 36th Battallion of the RFA, he was a driver. 

Any help gratefully received.

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I am afraid I don't have much on this man. he is not mentioned in Battery, Brigade or Divisional diaries or other records I have found relating to the Brigade.. .. ..  he went to France in August 1914 with 36th Brigade RFA - which consisted of 3 batteries [15th,  48th and 71st ..) and a Brigade ammunition column. As none of his service records survive it appears, it is not possible to identify which battery or if in the ammunition column..

but ... I think it likely that, as he enlisted in 1906 [as his service number indicates..], and probably on a 3 year enlistment followed by 9 years in the reserve - he would have been a mobilised reservist in August 1914 ... and would have been a new arrival in the Brigade.. probably called up to  Preston and then sent to Aldershot to join the Brigade.. The ammunition column was largely composed of reservists although each battery received a fair number of new men to bring them up to wartime establishment on mobilisation..

.. he should  be identifiable/locatable in the 1911 census .. if a civilian then that would confirm he was mobilised reservist at the start of the war ..

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