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Remembered Today:

HMS Hampshire

Peter Beckett

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I recently visited the old Lyness Naval Base at Scapa Flow in the Orkneys and on a beautiful Orkneys day took these 2 pics



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And I did not lie about the beautiful Orkneys day as this was typical while I was there (about 4 weeks ago)

Peter :P


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Did you get a picture of the memorial cairn to K of K/Hms Hampshire? If so is there any chance of posting it?

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Don't wish to muscle in on someone else's post but I was in Orkney this year and the last and have a picture of Kitchener's memorial tower on Marwick Head. (I don't think you would call it a cairn! There were a family of ravens nesting on it when I was there and on my way down met Bill Oddie with a camera crew in tow going up!) I've never posted a picture before so - fingers crossed :huh:


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If you want someone to talk to about HMS Hampshire, the wreck and her discovery then drop a line to John Thornton via www.scapaflow.com. John is the man who pioneered diving at the flow and discovered the wreck of the Hampshire. He's got a bit of bad press about this because (unbeknownst to him) some divers he took to the site pre-protection order lifted a porthole from the sea bed and sent the pics to a diving mag. Very, very knowledgable guy.

Also google for some pics and more info.

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The Hampshire, an Armoured Cruiser, 10,850 tons, built 1905, sank on 5th June 1916 after hitting a mine laid by the German U-boat U 75 off W coast of Orkney Islands, Scotland, Atlantic Ocean, whilst taking Kitchener and his staff to Russia. There were no survivors.

Best wishes


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From the official narrative published by HMSO in 1926. The book sold for 6d then. Cost a couple pennies more than that when I bought it.


Bennet, William Warrant Mechanician

Bowman, John Robert A.B. J 15315 (Po)

Buerdsell, Horace Llewellyn A.B. J 15526 (Po)

Cashman, William L/Seaman 228580 (Po)

Farndon, Walter Charles Stoker 1c K 18337 (Po)

Phillips, William Charles Shipwright 1c 343500 (Po)

Read, Alfred Ernest Stoker 1c K 15762 (Po)

Rogerson, Charles Walter L/Seaman 236059 (Po)

Simpson, Richard A.B., RNVR Tyne Z 5589

Sims, Frederick Lot Stoker 1c SS 113673 (Po)

Sweeney, Samuel Edward Petty Officer 1c 155874 (Po)

Wesson, Wilfred Petty Officer 201136 (Po)

All best


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There’s also a salvaged deck gun at the Marwick Head car park. The plaque reads, “A Vickers pattern 3lb Recoil MK 2 deck gun salvaged from the wreck of HMS Hampshire”.




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