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Wounded (how) and to what extent


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my Gt Grandfather served with 51 DAC RFA, his service records state that he was wounded by GSW to left foot and right finger (severe) on the 4th Oct 1917, I believe Ypres.

He was admitted to 46 Casualty Clearing Station on the 5 Oct 17, (poss Ypres?) anyone know where 46 CCS were during this period

Then he was admitted to 22 General Hospital (i can't read the location but appears to be something like Dammes Carviers)? has anyone heard of Dammes Carviers, and if the 22 GH were stationed there.

He was then finally sent to england to Queen Mary's Military Hospital, Whalley, Lancs where his wound is listed as GSW 5th Left Toe IX/1 slight, Right Finger VIII/1 Slight Does anyone know what this means?

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GSW = Gun Shot Wound

5th Left Toe is as stated;the 5th toe:as is the finger

slight;presuably the degree of wound;not sure of IX or VIII?

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46 CCS were at Mendighem from 31/7/16 to 3/2/18.

22 GH were at Camiers (Dammes Camiers) from Feb 1915 to Feb 1919. It was taken over by the American army in June 1917.



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I asked The Hubby who is a doctor and was in the Medical Reserve, and he's not come across roman numerals being used that way before.

He suggests that in the case of the 'Right Finger VIII/1 Slight', that could be how many fingers across - so the right middle finger, if you count across 8 fingers. And perhaps the '1' refers to first joint.

Otherwise, he says it's more common to see numbering on diagrams. So somewhere they may have been a diagram of the man in question, outlining where each injury he suffered was - but that assumes he'd had previous ones numbered I - IIV.


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