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"The Roads" Souvenir Album 1916-1916

Gary Samson

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I've recently acquired a well-worn copy of "The Roads" Souvenir Album 1916-1916 (unearthed by my mum at a local boot fair). It contains photographs of a large number of officers who served in the Roads Directorate. Douglas Haig writes in the foreward, "With the development of modern methods of warfare, the importance to the army of a good road service has vastly increased, while the problems of road construction and maintenance have grown enormously. That the needs of our Armies in this respect were so well met, even in the most difficult days of 1918, speaks very highly for the zeal and efficiency of all ranks of the Roads Directorate."

While I'm sure this will appeal only to a minority of Pals, I'm happy to do look-ups.



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Not heard of this but I think the efforts of the support and logisitics troops is greatly under rated.

What sort of info pics are in here?



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Dear Gary,

I have recently started to research the service of Lieutenant Colonel Albert Ernest Prescott, R.E.  He served as an Assistant Director of Roads.  I believe that there is something in the Roads Souvenir Album about him.  I would appreciate it if you could check for me.



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