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Remembered Today:

County Durham newspapers 14-18

Simon R

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I'm looking at two infantrymen from Yarm.

Which newspapers were around in that part of the world 1914-1918?

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Hello Simon,

There's a book that most main libraries stock called 'Newsplan'. This may help. Failing that, login to the British Library and type in 'Newspapers and Periodicals'. Some universities stock [irregular runs] and copies too--Durham, Newcastle, York, Leeds, etc. Hope this helps'

Kind Regards,


PS: What are the soldiers names; which units did they belong to?

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Darlington & Stockton Times is the first thing that springs to mind. Though both places are in County Durham and Yarm was (just) in the North Riding it would cover Yarm.

Otherwise it might be worth having a look for any papers for Thirsk, Richmond or Northallerton.

If you go to the British Library site you can search their catalogue online here.

Hope this helps

Mike Shingleton

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The newspapers covering South East Durham/North Yorks are;-

The North Mail

The North Star

Northern Echo

Durham Advertizer(South Region Edition)

Evening Despatch


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Hello Simon. I live in Yarm. Let me know if I can be of help. As far as newspapers are concerned I think the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette would be your best bet.


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Thank you all.

FYI: Pte. John Lancelot Doughty, 1/4th DWR KIA 13th Aug. 1916

Pte. Henry Percival Doughty, Notts and Derby regt., survived, hence me typing this.

I have more information for Lance than Henry, I am not good on Notts. and Derby.

Seen: service records (both survive),

P.G. Bales for 4th DWR,


war diary for 4th DWR,


Liddle material for period to 13th Aug. m.s. letters by subaltern in 4th DWR,

various other DWR lists,

Yarm memorial and parish church plaques.

Not seen: IWM material on 4th DWR (of which much looks interesting)

War diary for 20th lab. btn. Notts and Derby regt. re: dates on which HPD went sick/wounded

SWB roll for HPD

Hospital records for HPD (if survive - as yet unknown)

DWR regt. museum Halifax (in pipeline)

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