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MIC: Can I extract any more info?


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Having acquired the attached medal card I now know (or at least think I know) the following:

Christopher S Richardson

Royal Field Artillery 98233

Firstly a Shoeing Smith Corporal then an Acting Sarjeant.

Medals: Victory RFA 236/B p.27210

British RFA 236/B p.27210

15 Star RFA/12AB p.1731

(these references being for the medal rolls held at Kew)

He entered the war on 19/07/1915 in Egypt (presumably joined up a few months beforehand?) and was discharged but a date of discharge is not given.

The remarks section contains: Disch.(?)


SWB List RA 3354 (a further roll reference, I believe?)

where SWB = Silver War Badge.

Is there any more information I can pick out here before heading off to Kew? Is there any way I can make an educated guess as to when he joined and with which unit?

Any advice much appreciated,


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I've found that most of the men I've been researching (Scottish volunteers) who went over seas in the Spring/Summer of 1915, usually enlisted shortly after the outbreak of war. I don't know if this applies to Artillery or not - but it has been the general case for the men I'v been researching.

The SWB rolls will possibly give you more information concerning his discharge. Other than that, I think you've got pretty much everything from it. :)


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The information you have from the MiC is virtually all that you can get from them.

On your visit to the NA however:~

The Medal Roll pages{references from MiC} will give his date of Discharge;as well as confirming date of entry & theatre & might just give Battery details{not often}but can often be hazarded @ by date of embarkation for theatre

The SWB/List will be most useful as it will give Date of enlistment,Date of discharge,Sometimes Age,& cause of discharge{either as a Code[KR392/****] or sometimes as a worded cause~Wounds/Sickness/Gunshot Wound/Gas/Etc}

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Before you go to the NA, worth getting the WO references so you can check the medal rolls - I can guarantee the first time you go will be frustrating so prep as much as you can and therefore give you more time there - its gets easier the more you go!

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SWB rolls also give "Unit discharged from" but you often find that that is the Depot of the Regiment.

The first 40 times are the worst at the NA, so I'm told. (6 visit man)


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Here are the medal roll book & SWB numbers you need for the NA.

RFA/236-B-27210=WO329/126, this is for the BWM&VM.

RFA/12AB-7131=WO329/2544, this is for the 1915 Star.

SWB RA 3354=WO329/2977 this is for his Silver War Badge.

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