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2506 (200786) Gnr Percy Raworth


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Has anyone got a copy of the supplement of the Tank Corps Roll of Honour; I am trying to identify where and when Raworth was awarded the MM

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Do you have the London Gazette date, Stephen?

Bit of a swine to find. One of the ones where the "R" is read as an "E"

LG 9-12-1916

2506 Gunner P. Raworth, M.G. Corps.

Recognised by Gazette search as "2506 Gunner P. Eaworth, M.G. Corps."


I can't check at the moment, but I believe others from this Issue where awarded for actions prior to Thiepval/Morval, probably for Flers-Courcellete. Is that the answer you were after?

An original member of the M.G.C. by the way. Probable transfer from an Infantry battalion machine gun section.


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Steve -as ever you have hit the mark; it's uncanny how you do it. thank you

He was in the crew of D22 which (under Lt Frederick Robinson) attacked the German positions in High Wood on 15th September 1916. Raworth and the driver (Pte Ernest Howes) were awarded MM but I could not find his entry.



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