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I understand that the digitally remastered Somme that we saw last year is finally due to appear on DVD later this year. I was impressed when it was shown in London, and will certainly raid the piggy bank when it finally emerges.

It would be really good to see more of the historic footage brought back to life and made more easily available.


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Ian, you seem(ed) to be fighting a one man Crusade to get access

to the Archive for the general public. Have your efforts been fruitful?

Does the IWM have any current plans to 'digitise' the footage they hold?

And just how much is there that has never been seen since it was shot?

Crivvens!! I've been resurrected!!!

I did get terribly worked up over this but was discouraged by the lack of support on the forum. I pestered the IWM enough for them to ask me to explore the level of interest here. I was quite embarassed when passing over the results of the poll and, since then, I have not kept up my contacts with the museum. The fact is that every project which the museum undertakes must 'wash its face' financially - I dare say the IWM will have a list of priorities for possible lottery funding.

If you want to pursue this, I found the staff at the IWM to be approachable and sympathetic but they necessarily have their feet very firmly on the ground.


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I think the speed with which the "new" Somme DVD is appearing illustrates the priority given to access to moving images.

As had been said, you would have thought that the IWM would be digitising all it's still and moving images anyway - once the investment was made, purchases of the material would be made worldwide - but as has been said, it all comes down to money. No doubt a few public sector jobs have been created at the IWM only for these people to plan initiatives that there is then no money to bring to fruition.

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Yes I went to the showing of the Somme film a couple of years ago in London, and I seem to remember them saying at the time that it would be coming out shortly. I'm sure there was even an option to pre-order it! That was two years ago now..

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