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The following postcards I have found at ebay and I have tried at several other forums to get more informations about the cards. So I think, that the three are part of a serie and I wanted to know, if someone else had collected them or knew, how much there was. They seemed to be from "Seughol(z) & Magdelin, Paris" and from the "Kunstverlag O. Seiffert Nachf., Berlin" and appeared 1897.

In another forum someone told me to try it here at the Great War Forum, so here they are




Any information is helpful

thanks a lot


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nice postcards, maybe you should try on french websites.


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I would guess that they make reference to 1870/71.

Youwill find umpteen of them referring also to 1914. You will even see them on the notice/ information boards to be seen at the entrance to a lot of French cemeteries - the picture with the soldiers gallantly charging into battle.

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