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Farsley War Memorial [Leeds]

Guest mruk

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I paid a visit to Farsley yesterday and made a list of the men who died. It's a nice little place on the outskirts of Bradford and Leeds, and the people in the local shops and Post Office were extremely helpful. A million miles, it seems, from the other side of Leeds where I live. Please bear with me, though, while I type in the namesby individual panel [6]:

"In Honour of the Men of Farsley Who Gave Their Lives in the Great War"

"Eternal Honour, Give to Those Who Died"

"Erected by Public Subscription June 1921"

John T. Anderson

J. Eric Appleyard

Harry Atkinson

Lewis S. Bailes

Ewart Bannister

Herbert Bannister

Morris Barran

Leonard Barrett

Milford Binns

William W. Booth

Carleton Busfield

Morris Busfield

Percy Busfield

Harry Butler

Edgar Calvert

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George W. Colcroft

Ernest A. Cole

Alfred Collins

Sam Davison

Albert Dockray

Charles Dockray

Herbert Dodson

Richard Dougal

Ernest Duffield

Harry F. Duffield

Fred Earle

Abraham Ellis

Harold Endersley

Frederick F. Ford

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William D. Good

Percy Greaves

Samuel Grimshaw

Joseph Hainsworth

Alfred Hanson

Percy Hanson

Gordon Hare

Leonard Hargreaves

Frederick Healey

John W. Hogg

Joseph O. Hollings

William Holmes

Alfred Hughes

Arthur Illingworth

Leonard Keighley

Richard A. Kemp

George Naylor

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Albert Kinder

John E. Lawson

Samuel Layfield

Harry Lee

Matthew W. Lee

David A. Linfoot

Willie Lloyd

Osman Lobley

Frederick Longbottom

George H. Marsden

Matthew Marshall

George May

Robert May

Joe Metcalfe

[JAs] William Moorhouse

Herman F. Myers

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John Naylor

Fred Noble

William J. Olver

Herbert Patchett

James Parkinson

John O. Pearson

Friend Peel

Frank C. Philips

Lawrence Procter

John E. Robertshaw

Jesse Saville

William R. Settle

John Slinger

Orlando Snowden

Tom Softley

Walter Softley

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George Stanton

Harold Suddards

William D. Sutcliffe

Alfred Sykes

Harry Thomas

A. Norman Wade

John W. Walker

Albert Ward

Harry Wardman

Harry Wharton

John Whitaker

Herbert Whitley

Raymond Wood

Thomas Wood

William Wright

William E. York

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There are a number of common names inscribed, and it seems likely there is a family connection in some cases. However, I'm wondering if anyone knows what the abbreviation "JAs" means which forms the first part of the name of "JAs" William Moorhouse?

Kind Regards,


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Thanks Dave,

It hasn't been a complete waste of time. I'm looking for men who served with the 10th West Yorkshires. It's a good job I didn't decide to type the names of all the men listed on the Pudsey Cenotaph.



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