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MIC Discharge reason


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Can anyone please help. On the SWB record the following is quoted as the cause of discharge:

A,O,II Para II B I 392 (XVI) KR

I know nothing of these codes so this may just be normal but if anyone can help I would be grateful

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AO=Army Orders

II Para= Paragraph 2

B I ?

392(XVI) KR= Kings Regulations, Paragraph 392, XVI=No longer physically fit for war services.

Can you post the SWB card,so we can see it cheers

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Thanks for the very prompt reply. Unfortunately I do not have the image as I noted these details down myself from the NA Kew records. Unfortunately my pencil was not too sharp at the time. Full deatils listed were:

Egbert James Burns, Rank: A/Sgt, Discharged from: Depot (Winchester Depot Rif Bgd), No. of badge B342651

Date of enlistment: 3.1.1908, Date of discharge: 18.11.1919, Cause of discharge: A.O II, Para II BI, 392 (xvi) KR.

Thank you for the time spent in answering

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Drop "Stiletto 33853" a post, he is your man on the Rifle Brigade, he may have some more info on your Soldier.

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