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Regimental Transfers - 1916-7


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I have a relative (Fred A.Leonard) who served with the 1st LF's in Gallipoli (doe 16.3.15) and later transferred to the KOYLI.

I'm assuming he was wounded during the famous landings at W Beach and pulled a Blighty, then for some reason transferred to the KOYLI.

As he was a Londoner, I guess the shift from a Lancashire to a Yorkshire battalion wasn't the problem iut would have been for others !! His 4 digit regimental number with the LF's was 2222 and this chnaged to a KOYLI number of 46653. His MIC says under 'remarks' - class Z, his BWM/VM roll says under remarks - Reserve B. 28.3.19.

What I hope to find out, with help from Pals experienced in army numbering, is:

1. when did he enlist in the LF's (no. 2222) ?

2. Why did he transfer to the KOYLI and which battalion ?

3. When did he transfer to the KOYLI ?

4. Did he serve overseas with the KOYLI between 16 and 19, if he recieved a 15 Trio ?

Thanks Pals.

Peter :D

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