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In Memory of our relative

Aaron Nelson

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Hi everyone,

This post is in memory of Trooper Henry Frederick Kolts, Re. No. 333, 1st Australian Light Horse Regiment. He was my wifes Great Grandfathers brother.

At 4.30am on Saturday the 7th of August 1915, he and his troop jumped out of thier trenches and charged across no mans land towards the chessboard trench system on Popes Hill Gallipoli. They reached the trenches and occupied 3 of the 4 in that particular sector. However 100 meters on their left at the Nek, the 8th and 10th Light horse were being slaughtered as they went over the top, also at Quinns the 2nd Light horse on thier right were also mown down. They could clearly see those attacks had failed drastically. The Turks counter attacked thier positions and they were losing a battle of hand thrown bombs from trench to trench. Finally after occupying the trenches for two hours they withdrew. Of the 200 men that charged the chessboard from the 1st Light horse that day, 154 became casualties. Our relative amongst them.

He was part of the Australian Light horse charge that day which has became very famous, the charge at the Nek, Popes Hill and Quinns, has gone down in Australias history as an example of the needless slaughter of the Gallipoli campaign. May Henry Kolts rest in peace, knowing that once I have completed and written his story, it will never be forgotten. Although he has no known grave, we do know that the Turks buried those soldiers bodies left behind in the trenches after the attack. His body lies somewhere in a mass grave on the Hills of the Gallipoli Penninsula.

Lest we forget.

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Thank you for sharing the story of your wife's great, great uncle.

They were brave men all and deserve to be remembered.


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