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Battalion Strength

Nathan Greenfield

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In April 1915, at 2nd Ypres, the Canadian Battalions were listed as containing 1000 men. Of course, many of these were not "at the point," as it was. Does anyone know how many men would actually have gone into action in, say the attack by the 10th and 16th Battalions at Kitcheners Woods on the night ofthe 22/23rd or at Mauser Ridge on the 23rd.

A year later, we know that about 10% would have been kept back to form the nucelous around which to rebuild the battalion. But at Ypres, I have not found in the Canadian archives any indication that this was the policy. Obviously, the 1000 men battalions included many who were not "fighting soldiers" -- stretcher bearers being only the most obvious. So how many men would actually have formed up for the attacks.



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