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I am about to finish my current reading source , My Boy Jack , thanks to all who gave opinions as to the read , I have found it to be a good read and also a rather poignant one . May I now ask if any one has a recommendation for a book which gives a perspective from the german side of the conflict be it either a personal story or other . Regards Ian

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Hi Ian

Here are some German ones:

1. With the German Guns,by Herbert Sulzbach. He was a 1914 volunteer & commissioned in 1916 & won the Iron Cross twice,( He join the Pioneer Corps in the Last War & was commissioned again this time by King George VI ). ISBN 0-85052-142-4.

2. The Passage, by G.A. Ebelshauser. ISBN o-9604770-2-0.

3. Fritz, by Fritz Nagel. ISBN 0-9604770-0-4.

4. The Advance from Mons 1914. by Walter Bloem(gives a very good insight into the fighting with Mr Tommy Atkins & the "Old Contemptibles" at Mons, Le Cateau & the Marne) ISBN 1-874622574.

I do have more, but i have not undone all of my boxs yet.

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The Germasn Army on the Somme by Jack Sheldon is - quite simply - excellent.

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