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A.V.C. prefix

Jim Strawbridge

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I have been asked recently if I knew what the prefix T.T. on some Army Veterinary Corps medals signified. I have to say that I have no idea and neither is it one in Howard Williamson's tome. Territorial and Transport are obvious possibilities but does anyone actually know?

Whilst I believe that S.E. stands for Special Enlistment I also have AVC medals with the prefix R and O. Again Regular or Ordinary or Official but does anyone actually know rather than guesswork?

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A couple of years ago a few Pals (IIRC) listed many different prefix's. The "TT" prefix did have a question mark next to it, but it was thought that "TT" refered to "Territorial". (I've kept the list in Excel format for "easy" reference).


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SE - 9th section prefix AVC

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