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Aren't folk helpful (chapter 16 - Canadians)


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In a few weeks, I'm giving a talk about some of the guys on a particular local memorial. It's the 90th anniversary of the day Fred Walsh was KIA, so I've been trying to expand his story.

Fred emigrated to Canada in 1911 and got married to a woman named Cora. They lived in the town of Milton (south west of Toronto). Whilst using a well known search engine, I discovered another memorial anorak living there and emailed him to ask if Fred was on the Memorial.

He is - and I've now got piccies of it. Not only that, but my fellow anorak has also sent me a copy of Fred & Cora's marriage certificate which will lend a couple of nice touches to my talk - not least that her maiden name was Hartley (no relation as far as I know).

I pass on this story as another example of the generally friendly and helpful people you come across while following this interest of ours. It also never ceases to amaze me how the Internet has made it so easy it is to find information these days.


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