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Gunner Harrison Roydhouse 230 290221

Guest polsmif

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Gunner Harrison Roydhouse, 230 290221,North Riding Heavy Bty,Royal Garrison Artillery.

Hello all, I'm a new member, and although looking for information on an individual soldier, I've spent hours looking through the wealth of information on this site.

I've been looking for information about Gnr Harrison Roydhouse. He is my great grandfather, and I've only just found out who he is, ( my grandmother never knew him, and he's been "lost" until now.)

On 23rd May 2005, a photograph of him was posted on the forum, along with his colleagues. (Hull Battery - East Africa, For interested pal) - anybody know where I can get a good copy?

I wondered if anybody may have further information about his unit.

He came from Holderness, in East Riding of Yorkshire.

He was 25 years old when he was killed on 26th April 1918, and is buried in Westoutre, Belgium. I believe his regiment was Royal Garrison Artillery, North Riding Heavy Bty.

I don't know much about the military, but I gather that this was part of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division. As far as I can discover, the 50th Div were not in action on 26th April 1918, - (The previous action was 12th April 1918… Battle of Hazebrouck, and not engaged again until 27th May 1918 - Battle of the Aisne)

The photograph posted, suggests that it was one of "Hull Battery - East Africa". Forgive my lack of understanding about structure of the military, but would that have been part of the 50th Div, or have I got it all wrong?

I'd be grateful for any info anybody may have.

I'm off to visit his grave next week, so won't be able to respond, after Wed, for a week or so, but I'd be really grateful if you might have any info.

Many thanks


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he was formerly in the 1st Hull HB, RGA

Born and lived Keyingham, enlisted Hull


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1/1st Northumbrian HB (North Riding Heavy Battery) went out to Western Front 20th April 1915 attached to 50th Division, joined 13th HAB 6/5/15 to 41st HAG 5/10/16. To 51st HAG 12/12/16, back to 41st HAG after rest and training period 20/03/17. Made up to 6 guns in feb 17, one section joining from 194 HB.

Hope this assistsyou further, regards Paul

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Thanks to all for your answers.

Especially Kondoa who has sent lot's of info. I've PM'd reply to Kondoa.

I continue to be grateful for any further info

Thanks all.

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[formed into the 38th Howitzer Brigade RGA for operations in East Africa. Both Roydhouse boys embarked for East Africa in January 1916 aboard the captured German vessel "Derflinger" (renamed Huntsgreen) and took part in Jan Smuts campaign throughout 1916 and into 1917.]


This is a bit of our history I knew nought about. What we were doing in East Africa in this period? I assume fighting in a former German colony or am I way off the mark!! (excuse the pun :rolleyes: )


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One of the more fascinating theatres of the Great War and more akin to the early colonial actions. German East Africa (Tanzania) was adjacent British East Africa (Kenya) and despite early efforts to ignore the war and various gentlemans agreements the conflict evemtually engulfed this area.

The campaign is rather too complex to fully describe here but an overview of the 1916 operations is best shown in Jan Smuts despatch's which are now available on this site:-



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Guest JRoydhouse57

Hello Polsmif - Paul, I have just joined this site as trying to find out info for my father about a relative Harrison Roydhouse.  I know your post was in Aug 2006 but if you are still on the site can you please contact me.  I live in Belgium and am interested in finding this Roydhouse grave.  I am from Keyingham, East Yorkshire, and in our village Harrison's name is listed on our War Memorial.

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Gunner H. Roydhouse, Royal Garrison Artillery (290221), date of death 26/04/1918, age 25.  Grave reference E3, Westoutre British Cemetery, Belgium.




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