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I have muddled around in the forum's 'researching a soldier' but has not yielded anything positive as regards to my grandfather's service.

This is my first post and the only information I have to start with is name, rank and service number.

Where do I go from here?

Charles Albert Fox, gunner, 64640


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Description Medal card of Fox, Charles A

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Garrison Artillery 64640 Gunner

Date 1914-1920

He has a medal card at the Kew.

Do you know where he lived, how old was he, was he married, brothers and sisters. if you can supply more information maybe someone could help.

Next you might try absent voters lists for whichever town he lived in, which should say the address. Census records etc.

regards Phil

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Hello Lambton

Your man was in the Royal Garrison Artillery.

The first step is to dowload his MIC and to check if his service records survived amongst the Burnt Records.

If they haven't (1 in 3 chance) then the MIC could have a date of entry if he was entitled to the 14-15 Star. If you are lucky, the date of entry could coincide with the arrival of a battery/unit in F&F. If not then you will need to check the actual Medal Rolls which will probably have the unit/battery and then work from the war diary and Divisional records from there.

Good luck



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