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Remembered Today:

Herbert Inglis Marmaduke Capon


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With that name there cannot be two of him !!!.

I am not sure he served in WW1( He was born in 1872) but he was a regular in the Hussars ?? and certainly served in South Africa.

Can anyone suggest a starting point?

Thanks in anticipation. Annie

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Hello Annie

That is certainly some name! :blink:

There are 20 MICs produced by a Capon and H search at the National Archives.

This one appears to be the closest to your man:

Medal card of Capon, H W T

Corps Regiment No Rank

6th Reserve Regiment of Cavalry Captain



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Thanks Mel

Do you know of any archive for South African service Boer War etc.I have anecdotal evidence that he may have been at Ladysmith.

WW1 service at his age 40 plus would surely have been fairly constrained,

regards Annie

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