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Please can anyone tell me where to look for some biography for Matron Elsie Philp who was awarded a 2nd class Royal Red Cross on 18 Sptember 1918? The entry in the British Journal of Nusing, Page 194, 28 September 1918 says that she was a matron of a Royal Naval Auxiliary Hospital (Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service). I'm wondering if she's my grandmother.

I have to be able to do this on line as I live in New Zealand.

For those of you who have mentioned Canadian nurses, there's some awards listed for a group of them on the same page.



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Hi do you have any more details an initial prehaps? or where she lived. I had a quick look on the archives and could not find a match for Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, Im not sure if these are online. there is an Elsie who was a VAD and another E Philp who was a matron but in the French red cross. Its an uncommon name so it should not be too hard to research. gareth


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My grandmother's name was Elsie May Philp. She was born in St Ives in July 1891. As far as I know she lived most of her life in Cornwall/Devon. She met my grandfather in Cornwall in 1921, when she ws engaged in private nursing, and as far as I know that ws the end of her career. I have one photo of her in a standard uniform but she is wearing no medals.

kind regards


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Hi Sue obviously my Scottish ARRC was not the one your looking for. I cant find any others that match. There were some Philps in Edmonton Middlesex but there was no Elsie.

The only other stuff Ive found on Philps is


but again it seems to be the Scottish branch. Good luck in your Search gareth

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