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Interesting collar badge book

182 CEF

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I just ordered a Book called "British Army Collar Badges 1881 to Present" (1986)

I have never heard of this book, nor have I seen the one I am being sent...only 18 pounds including airmail to Canada.

Has anyone else ever seen this book and can make comments on it?

There seems to be little info on Collar Badges out there and I thought this may be of great help IDing them.


Whitby Canada

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I think the first one you're on about is an old Arms and Armour Press 'Illustrated Collector's Guide with Prices' which in its day (1980s) was rather groundbreaking. It was part of a series which included cap badges, Scottish Badges, Cavalry and Yeomanry, Buttons and Formation Signs. It's useful and well illustrated (even if the ordering is erratic).

As to the Colin Churchill book, FAR better organised, but beware the paperback - some of the reproduction is p-poor, unacceptably so, in some cases. The hardback is better, if twice the price.

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Hi Dean,

Here is another reference for you if you are interested in collar-badges:


Author: Colin G. Churchill

Format: SB 332pp, 2001 . Over 2000 b/w identifier photographs and line drawings.

ISBN: 184342357X

Price: £ 19.95

It can be obtained from: http://www.naval-military-press.com



I found this one to be disappointing: the illustrations are very muddy and indistinct.

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This is the best book presently available on British Army Collar badges,prior to this being published the only other book was one by Colin and Ray Westlake and I think they would both agree that that was a stopgap.

The illustrations could be better but in my opinion they are no worse than the illustration in both volumes of Kipling and King,but anybody who has ever tried to take photos of badges will appreciate the difficulties this presents. Colin is to be congratulated on this book which was a labour of love in every sense of the expression.

I waited for a long long time for the hardback edition to come out and still consult it , as do many of my collector friends , on a regular basis.

I am sure it a book you will enjoy

Peter Brydon

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Don't mistake me: I bet the original was superb, but believe me, the author would weep to see what the printers/ publishers have done to my copy, softback.

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The illustrations are a bit muddy in PB, but it is indispensible.

The only thing I would have wished for was some form of cross reference by 'style'. If you've got an unidentified sphinx, castle or tiger in your hand; you'd be amazed how many regts share similar badges - and it's a bit of a chore having to flick through the whole book (by seniority) until you find the one.

I like Grumpy's 'ready reckoner' by design in the front of his proficiency badges book.

Best wishes,


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He promises one on cavalry and corps as well.

I am looking forward to seeing that one.



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I was talking to Colin Churchill a couple of weeks ago and( I am sure he would not mind my saying ) he told me that ( unfortunatly) he now has no plans for any further books on collar badges.

Peter Brydon

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