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Pte Devonshire


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If I may add, in commemoration to the other 187 men who were KIA on Christmas Day during the course of the war as indicated on SDGW:

1914 - 41

1915 - 53

1916 - 59

1917 - 35


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Let us remember all of them. It's highly unlikely that any American was KiA or DOW on Christmas 1917 but many men from the Empire did on the Christmases of the war as did soldiers of all combatant nations.

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Absolutely true, or another force. I have an article in the next Stand To! aobut Samuell Douthitt Hill who is buried not too far from your home in Somme American Cemetery, Bony. His only service noted on his headstone was New Zealand Rifle Brigade.

One frequently sees Americans in CWGC cemeteries but you usually do not know it unless the family chose to note that in the inscription. New research indicates nearly 50000 Americans served with the Canadians. Those Americans seeking a commission sometimes came to the UK and said they were Canadian, few questions would be asked of an educated man with that accent.

One thing I have seen nothing about is the Americans in Central Powers uniform, there must have been a few even in Bulgarian and Ottoman armies and many in German and Austro-Hungarian.

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