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skra di legen

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skra di legen- a very illusive battle considering it took Bulgaria out of the war. Anyone have any in depth info on the battle? I can't find anything

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skra di legen- a very illusive battle considering it took Bulgaria out of the war.

It was not the battle "to take Bulgaria out of the war", by far. With far deeper consequences was the breakthrough of the Bulgarian front 4 months later at Dobro pole.

Skra de legen, or as it is known in Bulgaria "Jarebichna" was a fortified position around the three peaks of the Pajak Mountain just west of the city of Gevgely and the nowadays Greek-FYROM border croses that position. Bulgarian troops fortified it in 1916 and in 1917 it withstood a strong frontal assault of the French troops. In May 1918 this triangular in shape position was defended by the Third brigade of the Bulgarian 5th "Dunavska" (Danubian) division: 2nd IR defended its right (west) wing, 50th IR defended its east (left) wing and on the top of the triangle, occupiyng the front position, were the three battalions of the 49th IR. On 30th May 1918 two Greek divisions and one French Brigade with a crushing supremacy in artillery attacked the whole position. They succeeded in breaking the flanks of the "triangle" and on the next day 49th IR was surrounded. After almost 10 hours of desperate fighting the whole regiment was practicaly annihilated. Bulgarian losses were heavy - 600 killed, 1700 taken prisoners. Greek losses were also heavy - around 2000 killed and wounded. From the tactical point of view it was a minor engagement. Only a position 5 km wide and 3 km deep was lost. However the loss of a whole regiment - 49th, was felt deeply by the Bulgarian society both on the front and in Bulgaria proper.

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