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Is this a ww1 British leather bandolier?


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I've been told that they are infact from Sweden and were used by the Swedish Army form many years. There used to be loads of them kicking about in Army Navy surplace stores. I've seen a few on E-bay described as Boer War belts etc.



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yeah i reckon its swedish too, the crown being the swedish mark, but more commonly 3 crowns. 2 underneath and 1 on top

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If you are incredibly lucky it will be a Belgian cyclist bandolier - but if it is Go and buy a lottery ticket and make large accumulator bets because it will definitely be your lucky day.

It's odds on, as has already been suggested, that it is one of the many Swedish bandoliers which have been in British surplus shops for many years - I suspect that the white metal 'snap hook' is a give away.

These were popular with some shot-gunners in the past as the pouches are large enough to hold 12 Bore cartridges in 'usable' quantities.


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