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Remembered Today:

Warrington Cemetery

Stephen Nulty

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I'll be popping along to the cemetery later this week. I notice from CWGC that there are almost 200 Great War burials, 74 of which are in a dedicated plot.

Let me know if you have any requets for pictures and I'll ry to get them sorted.

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do you still have the photos you took for me of the Memorial? Thanks to my daughter I lost the photos before I could list the men. If you do could you send them again for me? Next time I am home I will let you know and I can buy you a drink, I owe you one.

Thanks, Mandy

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My picture shows the dedicated CWGC plot in Warrington cemetery. I also have some high resolution photographs of each of the gravestones in the plot, as detailed below.

PM me with an email address if you would like any if the pictures.

The men in the plot are listed below:-

40115 Pte W McKay, Cameronians, 21/10/1916

60133 Pte. S J Baxter, South Lancs, 03/08/1919

50862 Pte. O Pierce, Liverpool Regt., 15/12/1919

18514 Cpl. A W King, MG Corps, 05/03/1919

168855 Gnr. A S Harrod, RFA, 31/07/1918

297850 Pnr. J Hay, RE, 28/01/1918

32949 Pte. R Jones, Royal Defence Corps, 21/06/1917

S/12696 Pte. D Drummond, Seaforth Highlanders, 10/1/1916

442 Sjt. L S Smith, Canadian Army Dental Corps, 26/11/1917

696447 Pte. J Pembroke, 31st Bn., Canadian Infantry, 1605/1917

739395 Sapper J A House, Canadian Railway Troops, 08/12/1917

506252 Pte. C J Campbell, 4th. Can. Mounted Rifles, 01/09/1918

3132637 Pte. H Carr, Can. MG Corps, 22/03/1919

Wr/329061 Pnr. G Dixon, RE, 12/10/1919

Capt. J Cross, RAMC, 09/11/1919

G/1739 Sjt. F Willey, Royal Munster Fusiliers, 13/12/1919

8354 DA Deckhand W Bray, HMS “Pembroke”, 28/09/1919

47085 Sjt. C A Piddington, RAMC, 21/09/1919

165143 Pte. F G Hicks, North Somerset Yeomanry, 05/04/1919

214018 Gnr. F Noble, RFA, 21/03/1919

24910 Pte. A R Turpin, Northumberland Fusiliers, 03/03/1919

406263 Pte. W B Barugh, Can. MG Corps, 25/02/1919

502820 Spr. E Fraser, Canadian Engineers, 12/10/1918

104784 Gnr. R Abraham, RFA, 02/01/1920

771 Pte. E N M Sommer, 10th Bn., Australian Infantry, 26/01/1919

366A Driver W Carswell, Aust. MG Corps., 03/12/1918

12197 Pte. J McC B Crombie, Aust. ASC, 01/06/1918

2914 Pte. J Nalder, 5th Australian Pioneers, 27/10/1917

WR/505551 Spr. T F Cadogan, RE, 13/04/1919

161872 Pnr. M Mainwaring (served as W Kelly), RE, 13/06/1919

2824 Pte. P Feely, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 27/03/1919

2020383 Pte. W Moran, 7th Bn., Canadian Infantry, 22/11/1918

281077 Pte. D McLean, HLI, 24/06/1918

2498859 Pte. W V N Turner, Canadian Forestry Corps, 09/09/1918

K/12428 Pte. A Murray, Liverpool Regt., 10/09/1918

925815 Pte. J Liddell, Canadian ASC, 06/10/1918

1425 Pte. L A Vincent, 11th Bn., Australian Infantry, 02/11/1918

344031 Pte. M D Hayes, PPCLI, 08/11/1918

817324 Pte. G Ralph, Royal Canadian Rifles, 29/01/1919

474A Pte. C F Cox, 31st Bn., Australian Infantry, 07/02/1919

020112 Pte. W Dagnall, RAMC, 25/11/1918

20130 Pte. D H MacDougall, 1st Bn., Canadian Infantry, 13/10/1918

SS/17105 Pt. J Golder, RASC, 11/10/1918

1303 Pte. J Armstrong, 5st Bn., Australian Infantry, 23/01/1918

19456 Pte. A Guest, Loyal North Lancs, 15/09/1917

781154 Sjt. A H Keeler, 16th Bn., Canadian Infantry, 21/07/1917

20144 Pte. D Garner, Wiltshire Regt., 14/06/1917

25133 Pte. C Murray, Royal Inniskilling Fus., 11/12/1916

200677 L/Cpl. B Lynskey, South Lancs. Regt., 28/01/1917

TR/3/52295 Pte. W B F Corr, 76th Training Reserve Bn., 29/01/1917

2644433 Pte. A Charbonneau, 10th Res. Bn., Canadian Infantry, 29/05/1918

20272 Pte. J Devine, South Lancs. Regt., 03/02/1919

29241 Pte., L JByrne, RAMC, 03/03/1919

451094 Pte. S J Trute, 2nd Bn., Canadian Infantry, 19/02/1919

6081 Pte. P J Rooney, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 03/11/1916

443944 Pte. J Corrigan, 2nd Bn. Canadian Infantry, 14/09/1916

T/17523 Driver J Kelly, RASC, 01/07/1916

20032 Pte. J Clare, South Lancs. Regt., 18/02/1916

5225 Rfn. W Sands, Ryal Irish Rifles, 04/10/1915

21903 Pte. J Birchenough, South Lancs. Regt., 12/01/1916

1912 Pte. F C Page, 26th Bn., Australian Infantry, 05/09/1916

9542 Pte. W R Fox, Middlesex Regt., 20/10/1916

18667 Pte. C Smallwood, South Lancs Regt., 15/02/1917

21465 Pte. W Marsh, RAMC, 08/03/1917

23885 Pte. E J Trow, King’s Shropshire LI, 13/02/1918

SL/18921 Pte. J Shaw, Royal Army Vet. Corps, 30/01/1917

40202 Pte. C Woods, Bedfordshire Regt., 16/01/1917

5047 Pte. W H Cherry, Duke of Wellington’s Regt., 31/10/1916

491279 Pte. A G Down, 58th Bn., Canadian Infantry, 23/10/1916

6936 Pte. J Boswell, Middlesex Regt., 29/02/1916

Z/285 Rfn., F Kent, Rifle Brigade, 02/09/1915

2807 Pte. R Baynes, Yorkshire Regt., 07/08/1915

3083 Pte. T Silk, South Lancs. Regt., 02/02/1916

27224 Pte. J Moore, South Lancs. Regt., 16/03/1916

Apologies for any typos!


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442 Sjt. L S Smith, Canadian Army Dental Corps, 26/11/1917

47085 Sjt. C A Piddington, RAMC, 21/09/1919

Capt. J Cross, RAMC, 09/11/1919

020112 Pte. W Dagnall, RAMC, 25/11/1918

29241 Pte., L JByrne, RAMC, 03/03/1919

21465 Pte. W Marsh, RAMC, 08/03/1917


Would it be possible to have the above please for use on the Roll of Honour medical database - full credit will of course be given


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Winging their way to you right now

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Thanks very much

All The Best


PS Dagnall is RAOC

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Know that road outside the cemetery well! thanks for posting the photo, think i do have some warrington lads there and haven't got photos of them yet.


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