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Sir Henry Colson RN


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I am researching the life of the following man, who was MID for the Zeebrugge Raid 1918 then went on to have a distinguished career, ending up as the Navy's medical director general. Any help would be gratefully received.

COLSON, Sir Henry St Clair (1887-1968), Surgeon Vice Admiral

Joined RN Medical Branch 1912; North American and West Indies Station 1913-1916; attached to Royal Marines, Plymouth, World War I 1916-1918; 4 Royal Marines Bn, Zeebrugge, Belgium 1918; South America Station 1919-1921; RN Hospital, Bermuda, West Indies 1921-1924; Bacteriology specialist, South Africa 1924-1927; RN Hospital, Chatham 1928-1930; hygiene specialist 1932-1941; World War II 1939-1945; Surgeon R Adm in charge of RN Hospital, Barrow Gurney 1942-1945; RN Medical Director General 1946-1948; retired 1948

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Hi John,

That is extremely kind of you. Thanks for taking the trouble.

Kind regards,


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Belatedly, I can confirm that I have managed to source several pictures of the above gentleman. A rewarding result.

Thanks to all.



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Domwalsh, find here award to Colson for Zeebrugge Raid ;

COLSON Henry St. C MB Surgeon RN 79D077 Vindictive

Vice Admiral Dover Patrol 21.05.18 Gazetted

Operations on Belgian Coast 23.04.18 (Zeebrugge & Ostend)

To be Staff Surgeon R.N. to date 23.04.18

Attached to the Royal Marine Storming Party.

Major Weller reports that this officer worked under the greatest disadvantage, often in gas fumes, and by the light of only a torch. In these conditions he carried on for many hours and displayed the utmost devotion to duty.

The Captain of Vindictive and Staff Surgeon McCutheon report that Surgeon Colson was also of the greatest assistance in dealing with seaman cases when not employed attending to Marines, and that his work was most valuable.


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On 08/08/2019 at 20:02, Guest said:

I am researching crew of HMS Yarmouth. (1911) She was around South America in 1919 to 1920. He is not mentioned in her logs of that period, but I have a crew picture of her officers, which includes H St Colson. You can find his full career here. https://www.unithistories.com/officers/RN_officersC2.html

Thank you

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