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Lt. H. G. Killingley


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A photo of a group of 1915 Royal Military College cadets I am researching (please see other thread) contains Hastings Grevatt Killingley (see cropped image below). He was 2nd Lieutenant and then Lieutenant

with the 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers (RDF) and died 23/10/1916, age 21. In checking the MICs, I noticed another Killingley--Arthur Victor Grevatt Killingley, also of the RDF. Given that both's name contained "Grevatt", I am wondering if anyone would have knowledge of their possible kinship to one another?




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Hastings is listed on the Dublin war dead site, Arthur is not as he appears to have survived the war, here are Hastings details


Forename: Hastings Grevatt

Rank: Lieutenant


NextOfKin: Son of the Rev. David Francis Killingley, B.D., and Belle Charlotte Grevatt Killingley, of Whitechurch Vicarage, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin




Unit: 2nd Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Battalion: 2nd Battalion


Service: British Army

MannerOfDeath: Died

DateOfDeathText: 23rd October 1916


Age: Age 21

Cemetery: Pier and Face 16 C, Thiepval Memorial - Somme - France

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Hi Chris,

Lieutenant HG Killingley left St. Columba's College, Whitechurch, Dublin in 1905. If Arthur Victor is his brother -and I believe he is- the school will more than likely have records relating to both of them. The school still exists and has a web site.

You can view a pic of a memorial on which Lieutenant Killingley's name is inscribed on www.irishwarmemorials.ie Incidentally, his father David Francis was born in Queenstown -Cobh- Cork 17.11.1865

Kind regards,


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John and Ken:

Thanks for your assistance. J--I appreciate your efforts in checking and providing me the info. from the Dublin war dead site. K--I have sent an e-mail inquiry to St. Columba's.

Best regards,


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Sorry to necro this thread, but I can add a little information: the Killingleys appear in both the 1901 (already referenced) and 1911 censuses - here's the 1911 one, which was mistranscribed a little, as Killingly, by the person reading the handwriting:


Arthur was very badly wounded, though I don't know in what battle. Dermot, the youngest brother, joined up at the age of 17 and served out his long life in the Indian Army - his very entertaining book Farewell the Plumed Troop should be available here http://syktrust.org.uk

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Thank you for the information--especially regarding Dermot and his military career. I contacted St. Columba's College back in 2006 as Ken suggested. In response, I was advised that Hastings was the only Killingley to have attended that school, and thus, A.V Killingley was not a former pupil.


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