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Tanks at Thiepval - September 1916


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Pals may have noted the thread on the BBC programme on the Somme and discussions about tanks at Thiepval. I recognise that I could be accused of becoming a spotter but......

Wikipedia and a variety of other sources shows C15 at Thiepval on 25th September - see http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/Europeweb/...cts-Europe8.htm

Trevor Pidgeon (in Tanks at Flers) cannot assign C15 to a particular crew as the records kept by the C Coy Adjt were not fully complete. Has anyone else got more info about C15 at Thiepval especially the crew names


PS OK so I have become a spotter :(

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and to prove it...

according to Pidgeon there are two male tanks in 3rd section which could have been C15 on 15th September; their commanders were John Peard Clarke or Jethro Tull.

What about later on...


(not I'm not joking - Tull was a subbie in the Tanks)

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