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Northern Rhodesia WW1 Memorial

Sue Light

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I was contacted last week by a South African schoolteacher, who had tracked me down through a name on my website. He was on holiday, and while visiting Victoria Falls, crossed over from Zimbabwe to Zambia to view the Falls from the other side. About 100 yards from the Falls he came across the Northern Rhodesia WW1 war memorial, which is near the entrance to the Mosa oa Tunya National Park. He said it's not in the best condition, but he sent me photos of all the names on the memorial. The men named are from a vast array of regiments, and many of those named died in places other than Africa, but had connections/family in Rhodesia.

The photos are too large to post, but I've transcribed the names here, and if anyone would like a copy of either, or both images, just let me know. I've left the punctuation and names of the units as they appear, which is a bit confusing in some cases, but details can be confirmed through CWGC. This is the first list of names:

Capt C. G. AGNEW North’d Fus

Rfm R. R. BACON N. Rhod Police

Nurse M. G. A. BEAUFORT V.A.D. (Kaloolah)

Lieut Col B. F. BISHOP E Lan R

Capt A. B. BREMNER N. Rhod Police


Maj J. E. M. BROMLEY D.S.O. R.F.A.

Private F. W. BROOKE S. Afr. R

Capt C. S. BROWN Border R

Vol G. CAMPBELL Nyasaland Vol Res

Lt Col J CARDEN C.M.G. Wilts R

Lt L J CHAMPION N. Rhod Police

Lt M. DAFFARIN N. Rhod Police

Lt H. G. DAVIS Norfolk R

Lt Col M.F.B. DENNIS D.S.O. K.O.S.B.

Private T. DICK S Afr Inf

Lieut J. K. DUNCAN K.R.R.



Col A. S. St.HILL GIBBONS The Kings R


Lieut H. S. GREEN D.C.M. 4th D Guards

Lieut G. F. B. HANDLEY M.C. C Gds

Lieut J.C. HAYES M.C. C Gds

Rfm G. HEPBURN N. Rhod Rifles



Capt C. C. HORNSBY N. Rhod Police

Lieut G. HOTCHKISS Gordons

Capt. F. S. HOWARD R. Fus

Capt W. HUSBANDS N. Rhod Police

Lieut E. L. INGPEN N. Rhod Police

Lieut S. C. E. IRVINE N. Rhod Rifles

Lieut P. C. JOHNSON Manch R

L/Cpl H. G. KIRBY S. Afr. Scottish

Lieut L. J. W. LEFFLER R.A.F.

Rfm A. LINDSAY N. Rhod Rifles

Sergt E. G. LOCKWOOD R. Fus

Lt. Col C. W. D. LYNCH D.S.O. K.O.Y.L.I.

Lieut F.C. MACAULAY K.E. Horse


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And here are the names on the second plaque:

Lieut H. G. MACHELL Border R

Surgeon Lt D. S. MACKNIGHT R. Navy

Private P. H. McGREOR Rhod R


Lieut D. C. McMILLAN K.R.R.


Vol J. MINSHALL Nyasaland Vol Res

Cpl H. NISBET Gordons

Capt H. F. NORTH Hampshire R

Private E. W. OSBORNE Rhod R

Lieut G. PALMER R.E.

Rfm K. D. PEACOCK Rhod R

Capt H. G. PEARCE R.E.

Lieut H. S. PLANT R.E.

Capt J. M. F. C. POUND R.M.L.I.

Capt T. L. RUSSELL K Afr Rifles

Major M. RYAN M.C. R.Fus

Lieut F. G. deSATGE K.R.R.

Private C. H. SAUREMAN S. Afr I

Sergt T. R. L. SAVORY Rhod R

Sergt Maj C. SELL N. Rhod Police

Scout N. SINCLAIR N. Rhod Police

Lieut C. M. SING Sussex R

Vol H. H. SMITH Nyasaland Vol Res

Sergt A. J. SMITH

Maj A. SOAMES D.S.O. The Buffs

Rfm W. STEVENS N. Rhod Rifles

Lieut H. J. M. STUART C. Gds

Lieut H. W. TARBUTT N. Rhod Police

Private J. C. TAYLOR Rhod R

Private R. J. F. URQUHART Rhod R

Rfm A. J. WARREN N. Rhod Rifles

Capt G. F. WATHERSTON E. A. Forces

Trooper W. W. WAUGH Rl Bucks H

Lieut E. G. WILLIAMS Gren Gds

Sergt J. WILSON K.R.R.

Rfm D. A. WOOD N. Rhod Rifles

'Also 102 Askari whose names are recorded on the N R Police Memorial at Livingstone. Also many other natives of the territory of whose names no complete record exists'


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Hello Sue,

I'm doing web pages for the men listed on Scotter War Memorial.

One of them is Robert Astley Franklin Eminson who is on the Northern Zambia memorial.

If you have a picture it could be incorporated into his page.



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