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I was told today that the soldiers who

died in the gretna disaster recieved n

o medals,the family only recieved a p

laque, is this true?. Would they not be

entitled to a war medal at least.

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I fear you are probably right.

If you look on the Long,Long Trail Medal Site you will see that the qualification for the War and Victory Medal was to be overeas.

As the crash happened at Home the Men would not be entitled.

It may seem harsh due to the circumstances of their deaths but I suppose the Authorities could not draw up a qualification to suit every circumstance.

Your point is valid though.My Father was in the Royal Scots Volunteer Force(1917-1919) in Haddington and therefore did not receive any WW1 Medals.As a Policeman in Fife in WW2 he received the Defence Medal(1939-1945).


p.s. I should add that my Father died when I was quite young so I had little opportunity to talk to him about WW1.He never forgot, though, the Gretna crash or his pride at being a Hearts supporter in his youth(Mcrae's) but if I were to ask him now his favourite Battalion would be the 8th in which his Brothers' served.

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