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Hello all,

I'm planning on taking my family on a tour of some War Graves later this year so i'm trying to find info on my Grandfather Captain John Hawkins Ewing and his battalion to pass on to my children. Although he was lucky enough to live through the war I feel my family and I owe it to him to pay our respects to the lads he would have known that are still over there.

I've downloaded his medal index card which has brought up more questions than answers.

He was a 2nd Luietenant in the 2/4 Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. He then moved to the 3/7 Lancashire Fusiliers as a Luitenant before becoming a Captain.

I am planning to go to the the National Archives this summer but was wondering if anyone has some info on him, his Battalion, and where he might have been stationed throughout the war.

I understand there are records for Lancashire regiments at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, unfortunatly, I live in Kent so its a bit too far to travel. I've heard others on here mention SDGW and other abbreviations, are they other sorts of archives? Where else should I look?

As well as his medals I also have a set of buttons with Eygpt written on them, does this mean he served in Eygpt?

I know this is a bit long winded but I really would appreciate some help.

Many thanks


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Another Regiment to add to the list - The London regiment.

London Gazette 8-6-1916

Lancs. Fus.

The undermentioned Cadets, from Artists Rifles O.T.C., to be 2nd Lts. (on prob.).

4th June 1916: —

John Hawkins Ewing.


Promotion to Lieutenant:

LG 13-2-1918

Lancashire Fus.—

2nd Lt. J. H. Ewing to be Lt. 4th Dec. 1917.


LG 30-7-1919

4th Bn., Loyal North Lanes. Regt.—Lt. (actg. Capt. & Adjt.) G. L. Smith vacates the appt. of Adjt., and relinquishes the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to be empld. 12th July 1919.

Lt (actg. Capt.) J. H. Ewing, 7th Lancs. Fus., relinquishes the actg. rank of Capt. on ceasing to be empld. 2nd July 1919.



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Just wondering that since the 3/7th Lancs Fusiliers didn't exist in its own right after 1-9-1916 whether the 3/7th LF was his first battalion? Then he was attached to the 2/4th Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, perhaps when the 3/6th absorbed the 3/7th and 3/8th when there was presumably an excess of officers?


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Good Evening,

Firstly, I think it is interesting to note that my Great Grandad was situated in the 2nd/4th Loyals, a Patrick Tierney. However, strangely he died in Pembroke Military Hospital in South Wales after they had departed for France in May (i think) 1915 according to the War Diary. The war diary only covers events 1915-16 if I remember so I dont think it would be of much use to you if he only joined them in 1919. I maybe wrong as the Gazettes just confuse me! But anyway as I am situated just down the road from the Barracks I can have a look to see what they have on the Battalion. Theres a large amount of stuff, so I'll see what I can do. I doubt there wont be much mention of him by Person, but you never know! Is there anything in particular your after?



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Whilst looking through the London Gazette I encountered two J H Ewings.

One in the Royal West Surreys, attached Middlesex a Second Lieutenant throughout his service.

And your own J H Ewing.

There are two officer files for J H Ewings at the National Archives:

WO 374/23337 EWING, 2/Lieut J H 1917-1920

WO 374/23338 EWING, Lieut J H 1915-1921

I suspect that the 2nd one may be your Grandfathers. The discrepancy in Rank may be because he was appointed Acting Captain, though his substantive rank would have been Lieutenant.

Officer files are physical files and are not available online. Most of these files do not have chapter and verse on a man's career as they are largely correspondence files, but they can be invaluable to you research.


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Many thanks Steve and Dave,

I am amazed at how quickly I got a response, sounds like you lot obviously know where to look.

I lost my grandfather when I was very young and he never spoke about the war years to anyone, so any information is precious.

Dave, if you find out about either the Loyals or Fusiliers (where they were stationed during the war - just general info) but please don't spend too much time, I would be very grateful.

Steve, does an asterix next to the title Captain on his medal index card signify he was "acting Captain".

Thanks again


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Asterisks on medal cards usually denote what rank to put on the Medals. I'm not all that clear on Officers medal rules, so I'll have to defer to others on the question of what rank should be on his medals.

Regarding the Loyals and Fusiliers,

If you look at the Long, Long Trail link at the top of the page you can get a decent idea of where the two battalions were by following their divisions.


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